What is Bitrix24?


Bitrix24 is an online workspace designed to be used by a group of people for sales, marketing, project management, and other activities. It features CRM, tasks, chats, online meetings, and 30+ more tools.


batch setting

Connecting Bitrix24 as a “package” is setting up a ready-made, standardized set of CRM functions for automating business processes in a company. In addition, each function will be configured taking into account the specifics of running a particular business. This approach allows you to start working in CRM with a minimum budget and within a few days after the purchase.

You can choose one of the Bitrix24 configuration packages that suits you at this stage.



Unlike most 1C-Bitrix gold partners in the Republic of Belarus, I confirm my highest status thanks to my personal participation in the company's business processes as an interim-manager for the period of implementation of the changes.

The experience of personal launch of CRMhas shown that in the terms of reference, which is formed without the skills of working with Bitrix24, it is impossible to foresee much in advance. Some planned solutions already in the process of implementation require adjustments without delay and repeated SRS. The best solution is to work within the company.

Золотой партнер Битрикс24


Bitrix24, setups for your business. Help and consultations about the possibilities of CRM in solving business problems.

starts at 840 BYN

  • • connection of the corporate portal, employees, access rights
  • • setting up Lead* and Deals cards: fields and filters
  • • importing client base in CRM, setting up a Client card
  • sales funnel setup: Lead* and Deals processing stage
  • connection of e-mail, contact form and chat for the website to CRM
  • • setting up basic reports and monitoring filters


Additional tools for obtaining Clients and a single application processing center.

starts at 1 960 BYN

  • • connection to CRM e-mail of employees
  • • creation and configuration of CRM-forms (contacts from the site)
  • • connection of messengers Viber, Telegram, Whatsapp
  • • communication widget setting: distribution by managers, etc.
  • • connection of social networks Instagram, Vkontakte, Facebook
  • • IP-telephony (optional)


Lead/Deal cost by advertising sources, cost effectiveness calculation (ROI).

starts at 960 BYN

  • • setting up online and offline traffic sources
  • • finalization of advertising cabinets Google Ads, Direct, etc.
  • • setting up event tracking on the website
  • • connection and setup of Calltracking
  • • connection and setup up email tracking


Connecting third-party resources and services to Bitrix24, expanding standard features.

720 - 1 440 BYN

  • • integration with the website: bookings and orders = Leads in CRM
  • integration with SMS / Viber / Email providers
  • • integration with payment aggregators ERIP, Visa, Mastercard
  • • integration with the systems of accounting and trade management
  • • integration with direct communication services from messengers


Creation and configuration of business processes based on Bitrix24.

Some examples of customized automation:

240 - 1200 BYN

  • • attracting and returning clients via SMS-Viber-Email
  • congratulations to customers on dates and promotion of purchases
  • control of lost trades, control of large trades
  • • embedding procurement and warehouse processes into the sales funnel


The development of Bitrix24 by employees, and not a stop at 15-20%, as in most companies. Growth in efficiency and sales.

240 - 1440 BYN

  • • support chat, consultations, basic setup
  • audit of compliance with the standards of work in the system by employees
  • • improvement of non-standard functionality
  • • trainings in the company's office, feedback and training

* для отдельных инструментов требуется определенный тариф Битрикс24 или установленные приложения третьих лиц с абонентской платой (IP-телефония, SMS-рассылки, платежные системы и пр.)

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